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I am having trouble with the autocomplete functionality in XAML.  I am working on an Avalonia app and using the XAML to design the view.

When I start typing, for example "Label", the autocomplete suggests to add a Label XML tag, which is correct.

I then press Tab to autocomplete and to insert the tag.  It inserts both the opening and closing tag, however it included the next word in the editor in the opening tag as if it is trying to make it an attribute.

For example if I try to insert a label

Welcome to Avalonia!

And press Tab to auto complete, it results in this

Welcome></Label> to Avalonia!

Which is not valid XML and is very annoying to have to correct.  I suspect it is doing this weird behaviour because I am adding an XML tag next to plain text.  But I would expect the behaviour to at least be

Welcome to Avalonia!

or it should encapsulate the entire plain text in the content of the tag

<Label>Welcome to Avalonia!</Label>

But the current behaviour is very annoying and counter productive.

Is there a way to change the behaviour, or should this be flagged as a bug?

I am using 
Linux Mint 20

Jetbrains Rider 2021.1.3


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Hello Grimessa,

Thank you for reporting the issue, we were able to reproduce it, here is the corresponding record on our tracker: RSRP-485087, please watch it for monitoring the progress and feel free to leave comments or ask any other questions.


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