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So in my company we are using Visual Studio as our official IDE, but we are allowed to use any IDE we wish as long as we have a valid license. So I'm using Rider as I was already paying for it and using it for my freelance work.

The one problem I have is that we are using Review Assistant for VS for code reviews. And because of that I need to constantly switch between Rider and VS when I'm reviewing or submitting code.

Is there a tool (can be paid, I don't mind) that is compatible with Review Assistant that would allow me to use Rider for code reviews?

And a side question, is there any code review tool/functionality for Rider?

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Hello Wojciech,

I'm not aware of such a tool. I'd say it's worth contacting the Review Assistant team. Perhaps they'd consider developing a plugin for Rider.

Here in JetBrains we have Space tool, which supports Code Reviews among other features. Please let me know if you have any questions about Space.


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