Can't run T4 template

Hello Everyone.

I'm using Rider on Linux to develop a Unity project. I gave a try to the T4 feature and, at the beginning, it worked very well. I created a .tt file and whenever I modified it the corresponding .cs file was generated.

Now I can't run the template anymore and I have no idea why. If I modify the .tt file nothing happen to the .cs file. When I right click the .tt file the Run Template command in the context menu is grayed. Rider doesn't report any error anywhere.

So, is there a way to, at least, get an error message or something so I can understand why Rider doesn't feels like running that template?


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Hi MadWatch

Could you please first let me know, what Rider version do you use?

Also, I'd like to ask you to collect logs so we could check them for errors. One can do it via `Help | Report a bug` after reproducing the issue. In this case, logs could be collected and attached automatically to a new YouTrack bug report. 
Thank you in advance! 

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Hello Alexandra

I created a bug report. Here is the link.

I don't have much to say in the report because, again, there is no error message anywhere. I looked into the logs but couldn't find anything relevant. Template generation just stopped working for no apparent reason. This is a huge problem for me. Without template generation I can not compile my project, meaning I have to stop using Rider until a solution is found.





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