Rider opening non specified ports for Docker


I'm using RIder with Docker and I'm running into an issue when I want to run multiple containers.

I'm getting the error "Bind for failed: port is already allocated". This port isn't defined by me as I'm only specifying 8005 so my presumption is that it's being done by Rider. Is there anyway to change this? Otherwise I can't run two docker images concurrently.

There was a mention of this back in 2018 but it never seemed to be solved, I've added the link to it here

Docker debugging opening not specified ports (57000 and 571000) – Rider Support | JetBrains


Any help is appreciated.

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Ports for Rider connection are chosen automatically, mechanism was improved in Rider 21.2, so updating it should help. If you are facing the issue with newer version, please let us know!


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