Why does Rider 'Find in files' shows files outside solution


My solution consists 3 projects, and only `.cs` files. Now, I want to search across whole solution and find every occurence of word: `var`. For some reason, some weird files are displayed in output window (like: `http-dynamid-variables.json`):

I know I can limit searches to `*.cs`, but in a real scenario I would search across different file formats. Why does rider shows that `json` files? I can't see them in my solution at all

/ Windows 10 pro x64, Rider 2021.1.03

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 It seems like you've met a known issue that is already has been resolved. The fix is available in Rider 2021.1.4 or in the latest EAP

Feel free to update and check if it helps. Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a nice day!  

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Alexandra Guk
But Rider 2021.1.14 was released yesterday. This issue seems to be known for over 1 month. Why it took so long to realease an update?

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dafff generally, it takes some time (or quite a lot of time) to investigate and fix the issue. If the issue not fixed, you could follow it to be notified about all changes. 


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