Upgrade made Jetbrains Rider unusable / very slow


Hey team,

Just upgraded to
JetBrains Rider 2021.1.4
Build #RD-211.7628.50, built on July 13, 2021

And now, any scripts with more than 4k lines of code are very slow, impossible to work with.
Also, using Unity 2021.1.15, Windows 10 Pro, but it was working great with the version prior to this one.
Any suggestions? Can I go back a version?
It becomes normal with no Highlight settings on, but then it is just like another notepad, LOL

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Hello Alex,

Unfortunately, you have faced a known issue: RIDER-65270, as a workaround you can disable Show indentation guides in Preferences | Editor | General | Appearance. Please watch the issue for monitoring the progress and accept our apologies for the inconvinience.

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Thank you, Olga.

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I am still/again experiencing real slowness in Rider. A couple of month ago, I had the same issue and ended up, re-buidling my PC from scratch. After that, Rider worked at a good speed for about 3 month and now it is back to being really slow. 

I am using Build #RD-221.5787.36, built on June 1, 2022 at the moment. 

It is not one thing that is slow, it is everything. Starting Rider, debugging, building and running a project.

For example, I am running a SQL database query on startup. This query takes 11972ms on the production server. If I run the code in Rider, the same takes 45378ms. Before Rider got slow, it ran quicker on my dev machine.

Other than installing update on Windows 10 and Rider, nothing has changed on the PC and all other apps run fine.

If anyone has got any idea what to try (and I have tried everything that has been suggested in various forum posts), I would be happy for some help ;-)


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Ralf Balzer, please open the issue on our tracker and attach the information that will help us with investigation, like logs and profiling data. Thank you in advance!

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Thanks Olga. I have created an issue under RIDER-78883


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