Rider UE4 LLDB no member named * in *

Hi there,

I've been trying to use LLDB to inspect values in my code, however I keep hitting a wall when trying to get a return value from functions. For instance, debugging in a UActorComponent, this works:

> p AttachParent
(UInteractionListenerComponent *) $79 = 0x00000246e3460800 þC0x00000246e3460800þE (Name=þSInteractionListenerþE)

But when I try to call a function to return the parent actor, I get:

> expr this->GetOwner()
error: no member named 'GetOwner' in '<this class>'

I tried adding the .lldbinit file, pointing to the directory of my custom install for UE4.

Any ideas? Thanks!


same issue here, interessting fact:
this->GetWorld() works for me.
win10 x64
rider for unreal 2021.3 and below.

DebugGameEditor | Win64

Debugged Class: A Custom UActorComponent->GetOwner()

Used Evaluate Window.


Found a workaround,
i wanted to evaluate a function which belongs to the super class,
just created the same method calling the super one in my class,
not perfekt but works for situations where i defenetly need this for debugging.


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