TODO vs the file extension

I have a project with several runtime TT files which I am using to generate code

I have added several //TODO 'TODO comments ( yes there is some visual basic ;( )

However the todo-comments in the TT files are not getting added to my todo list.

Is there a way we can specify/add/control which file extensions are searched/monitored for todo comments, preferably allowing us to have custom regexes for each file type.


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Hi Barry Wimlett

Could you please add an example of code where you use TODO? Is it VB files, right?  


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No they are TT aka T4 template files which I am using to generate VB from.

However I want to track the TODO list in the project that is generating the VB from the T4 files, NOT from the project compiling the generated VB.

Even if I switch the scope on the TODO panel to open files is does not see the comments in T4s.

See the example below , comments in T4 are <#// text #>

<#@ template hostspecific="false" language="C#" inherits="TableTextTemplate" #>
<#@ assembly name="System.Core" #>
<#@ import namespace="System.Linq" #>
<#@ import namespace="System.Text" #>
<#@ import namespace="System.Collections.Generic" #>
<#@ output extension=".vb" #>
<#@ import namespace="Humanizer" #>

<# //TODO review the list of usings here #>
Imports Totalsystems.Bluescape.QuoteDAL.BusinessObjects.DataInterfaces
Imports TotalSystemsPlc.bluescape.Common.DAL.Data

<# var builder1 = new StringBuilder();
var builder2 = new StringBuilder();

string PrimaryKeyColumnListAsParameters(string prefix=null,bool appendTrailingComma=true) {
var builder = new StringBuilder();

prefix = string.IsNullOrEmpty(prefix) ? string.Empty : prefix;
foreach (var column in Table.PrimaryKeyColumns ) {
if (builder.Length == 0) {
else {
builder.Append($", {prefix}{column.TableColumn.ColumnName.Camelize()}, ");
builder.Append($"{prefix}{column.TableColumn.ColumnName.Camelize()}, ");
if (appendTrailingComma && builder.Length > 0) {
builder.Append($", ");

return builder.ToString();


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Barry Wimlett Thank you for the details! 

I'll create a bug report for this. Could you please remind, which Rider version do you use? 


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Barry, thank you! 

Here is an issue: 

If you would like, I'd suggest you (just in case) try to update to the latest EAP and check if this (occasionally) helps. 

Have a nice day! 



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Rider 2021.1 Build RD-211.6693.105 April 5,2012


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