Azure Function works in VS but not in Rider

Hey folks,

I have got a simple Azure Function with .NET that returns an array of Strings. I developed the function in VS 2019 Professional Edition. When I start and test the Function it works all pretty fine without errors.
Being a fan of the Jetbrains products, I was eager to try Rider. So I opened the project in Rider. Unfortunately, however, the function does not work. I geht an Error that says:

 Executed 'GetJson' (Failed, Id=4b4e042, Duration=307ms)
[2021-08-02T07:14:43.582Z] System.Private.CoreLib: Exception while executing function: GetWerbetraegerTypes. System.Web.Http: The request does not have an associated configuration object or the provided configuration was null.

My expectation would have been to be able to run the same code directly in Rider, without any problems or other configurations.


Is it possible to run that function without any changes to made? Ofcourse I would have added a HttpConfiguration. But actually this is not really needed. When I upload the function to Azure, it works just fine.

Can you give me a hint please?

Kind regards


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Hi Philschke

`HttpConfiguration` is required for testing in this case. I hope this thread gives you all the needed details. Did I understand right that everything works fine in VS without HttpConfiguration? If so, could you please add a code sample?

Thank you in advance. Should you have any other questions, let us know.


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