Code inspection only occurs when activating tab

I'm using Rider with a React app and a problem I'm having is that code inspection only happens when you activate the tab for a file. For example, if I have a Javascript file that defines a function defined as such:

function GetEndpointURL(scope: string, assetID: string, email: number){}

And I remove one of the parameters, I expect the files that use this function to show red in the file explorer. But they seem fine, and only after opening them do they show the errors where this function is called. So I have no way of knowing what's broken.

Is there any way to force a re-inspection of the whole project? Ideally when a file is saved.

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Hello Johnher,

Unfortunately, it's not possible. We're aware of the problem, and hoping to fix it in the future. Here are the corresponding issues:


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