Encapsulate field, remember read/write/name usages option



I love rider! I use it with Unity and C# and its been a great experience.

However one complaint is that the "Encapsulate Field" (auto create property from field), doesn't remember the options I previously used.

In my workflow, I usually create a private field, and then a public property with only a get accessor (referring to the private field). And everytime I use the "Encapsulate Field" window, I manually have to take my hands of the keyboard and manually disable the "set usages" option.

Would be nice if Rider could remember my previous option OR is there a way I could setup the default values in this window (so it automatically doesn't enable the "Set usages" option?

Image to illustrate the window and the option I want to be disabled by default:

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There is the corresponding issue on our tracker: RSRP-477740, please upvote and watch it for monitoring the progress.


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