Right Click in Mac OS without requiring command key

Example use case: I'd like to use my mouse to right click on a file, such as Dockerfile, to pop-up the context menu.

I've tried to configure "Show Context Menu" in Keymap to do this with Add Mouse Shortcut.  However, when I right-click in the dialog box that captures the Mouse Shortcut, it always add the command key as a required modifier - even though I am not holding the command key.  This does not occur if you just left-click.


Strangely enough, on my TrackPad, if I two finger click, which is equivalent to the right click -- it works fine without the command key. And without me having to configure anything.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Tahitt,

Is it Apple's mouse? Could you please clarify what Rider's version you are using?

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Based on my erroneous post in the intelliJ forum (where is Rider totally separate?) I think I've kind of figured it out:

From https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4404852217618-Rider-on-MacOS-How-can-I-configure-right-click-in-the-Explorer-pane-to-not-require-holding-the-command-key?page=1#community_comment_4405085521810

I've done some investigation based on your comment and think that the problem is related to "SteerMouse."  I have that setup to pop-up Mission Control when the left and right mouse buttons are clicked simultaneously (I have a Logitech mouse).  This seemed to be interfering with the right clicks.  Only Rider is sensitive to this -- every other program I've used is not.  Visual Studio Code also is not.

Thanks for the help.  I've got an email into the makers of SteerMouse. Though I do wonder why Rider is bothered and no other program (that I own) is.


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