Attach tool window to different window

I have a multi monitor setup and in Visual Studio I like to have my editor on one screen and several tool windows bundled together on another one in order to have a mostly "clean" editor on my main screen.

However, in Rider I can only display multiple tool windows as stand-alone windows, but then not merge them into one.
For example I would like to have a separate window where I can attach the debug tool window and the solution explorer tool window to.

Is this somehow possible? It would be so much easier and prettier than having to align multiple stand-alone windows.


Hi Torben Jonas

Unfortunately, it is not possible for now. There is a corresponding feature request for this: IDEA-55195. Feel free to follow it, comment, or upvote. 

Should you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice day! 


Thank you very much Alexandra Guk the issue describes exactly what I mean :)


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