Perforce Integration fails to load because it keeps trying loading packages folder as a working client folder

Hi, I'm using rider for Unity with Houdini Engine installed and URP enabled. So it automatically enables a URP package of Houdini, which resides outside the project folder.

Failed to load Perforce integration. And I inspected the log, it shows two folders: one is my working directory, which is correct, the other is an external folder: URP (C:/Program Files/Side Effects Software/sidefx_packages/SideFXLabs18.5/unity/shaders), and shows error 'wrong client specification' for client root mismatching, as expected because it's not supposed to be under version control, of course. Although my working client succeeded in connecting, Perforce integration decided to fail loading because one of the two folders failed loading.

To enable Perforce integration, I ran through all the Perforce options and did not find a way to exclude the URP package from Perforce. Is there a way to do it at all?

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Hello zacx
Please check mapped directories under Settings/Preferences | Version Control and remove unnecessary folders from there.

Please let me know if it helps.

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Hi Ruslan,

Didn't know the Version Control header was clickable. It works by manually specifying my working client directory and replacing <Project>. Thanks!


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