Is there a way of disabling copying an entire line if nothing is selected?


I find that the syntax highlighting clutters the interface so much that I can't tell if I have accurately highlighted the content that I want to copy. As such, it results in me frequently copying and pasting the entire line by accident. I would rather copy *nothing* than copy an entire line of code.

If I want the entire line of code, I can always triple-click the line to select it and then copy it. So the need to copy a line when there's no selection is redundant anyway and the "convenience" results in UX failures.


Hello, what shortcuts do you use when it happens and what keymap do you have set up in preferences? Also please let me know what is your Rider version.



Literally, command-c and then command-v.

However, if nothing is selected, it will copy the entire line rather than copying nothing. This is clearly some "convenient feature" for those who like it however, it results in a lot of unintentional pasting of content.

Part of the problem is that Rider has so much layered syntax highlighting such that it's often hard to actually view the intended selection as highlighted.

I just want to know if it's possible to disable this "feature" because it results in more intended actions than intended ones. (If Jetbrains has a UXR team, perhaps they should examine the feature and determine if it really is helpful for the majority of users or if it's just feature clutter that can be safely removed).


There is such open request on our tracker: IDEA-74325, please watch it for monitoring the progress. Let me know if you have other questions.


You can disable copying or cutting the current line when there is no selection on the Advanced Settings page of the IDE settings


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