Is there a way to add *.uss for Unity stylesheets and then apply the custom rules?

Hey all,

    I was checking out custom variables in Unity StyleSheets (USS), and Rider kept saying that it was invalid in the places below, but I took the info right from Unitys documentation:

:root {
--header-background: rgba(255, 23, 0, 0.29); // -- Gives error "Unknown pseudo selector 'root'"
.controlsLabelRowContainer, .controlsLabelIORowContainer {
background-color: var(--header-background); // -- Gives error "Cannot resolve '--header-background' custom property"

Granted, when I saved and refreshed Unity, the variables still worked, but it would be nice to be able to have Rider in sync with the actual USS rules/inspections. Is there a way for me to add USS? It looks like it keeps trying to use CSS and I have been having an issue trying to figure out how to add a new one.



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Thank you for your request. For now, Unity Stylesheets are not supported in Rider. We have a feature request about it: RIDER-54470. Feel free to follow it and upvote to raise its priority and be notified about changes. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. Have a nice day! 


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