Vertical Scroll bar (source map) fixed height and stretch content. Is there a setting?

Dear Jetbrains-Team,

thank you very much for the "source map" feature where the source code is displayed in small within the vertical scroll bar.
I love this feature in Visual Studio/Resharper and was waiting when this is added to rider.

Is there some settings to configure the behavior? Currently it is "relative scrolling". Which means: When the source file is very long the top of the file is cut off. So "top" of the scroll bar is not "top" of the file.
I would love to have the file content stretched to "full height" always so top is always top (like in VisualStudio). Maybe i missed this setting or a ticket in YouTrack.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Best regards

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Dear Matthias Buege,

Could you please send a screenshot of the "source map" feature that you mean? Just to avoid misunderstanding.

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Hello Julia Vaseva,

sorry for my late response i guess i missed an e-mail. I added some screenshots with explanation:
With "source map" i am talking about the "code preview within the vertical scroll bar".

When i have a large file in Visual Studio the first line is fixed to the first "pixel" of the scrollbar. So i can always jump from bottom to top.

When i create a large file in Rider, the scrollbar "walks down". So it's not possible for me to go back to line 1 with one click in the Scrollbar.

Maybe there are people who like the "relative" vertical scrollbar. I would like to have the top fixed so i am able to jump to the top (or anywhere at the bottom) with 1 click only.




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Hello Matthias,

From the screen-shot attached, I can see that you are using CodeGlance plugin to view files. 
I have reproduced this issue and indeed CodeGlance cannot show the first lines of the large file.  But please note that CodeGlance is a third party plugin and maintained by its developer. Thus, please report this behaviour in their bug tracker.

As an alternative, you may want to use Rider's native source map by disabling plugin. It shows the first line in documents, however, does not reflect lines themselves that way on the right side. 

I hope my explanation was helpful! 


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