Vertical Scroll bar (source map) fixed height and stretch content. Is there a setting?

Dear Jetbrains-Team,

thank you very much for the "source map" feature where the source code is displayed in small within the vertical scroll bar.
I love this feature in Visual Studio/Resharper and was waiting when this is added to rider.

Is there some settings to configure the behavior? Currently it is "relative scrolling". Which means: When the source file is very long the top of the file is cut off. So "top" of the scroll bar is not "top" of the file.
I would love to have the file content stretched to "full height" always so top is always top (like in VisualStudio). Maybe i missed this setting or a ticket in YouTrack.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Best regards

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Dear Matthias Buege,

Could you please send a screenshot of the "source map" feature that you mean? Just to avoid misunderstanding.


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