"Apply changes" fails when files contains variables/classes with non-standard (non-7-bit) names

I am using the latest version of Rider.

I am working on an older project. It builds with no problems, and runs perfectly. When I do changes in code and try to 'apply changes' it fails and claims that many files/classes/variables have errors because these have norwegian characters in them.

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Could you please reproduce the issue, collect the logs via Help | Collect Logs and attach them with a new issue on our tracker so we could take a closer look. Thank you in advance!

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I am not quite able to reproduce this in a test/separate project.

However, I think I have figured out the problem.

This project is very old, with files up to 10-12 years old. The file encodings seems to be a mixture of UTF-8,  iso-8859-1 and windows-1252 throughout different files.

This seems to confuse Rider when I have set one encoding. Rider builds it perfectly fine (I guess it is msbuild that builds?) but when I try to apply changes which makes Rider do some kind of 'hot swapping' of the files ( - or however it works - )  Rider fails to detect that it's not UTF-8 (it might be iso-8859-1, windows-1252 or whatnot) and then Rider doesn't understand the files.

If I choose to convert the file to UTF-8 and save it as that, and then press 'apply changes', it then goes on to the next file with similar error.

Then I repeat this for the next file, and so on and so on. Seems I have to do this for all files with errors.

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It's is only the files that have norwegian characters in them where there are variations in the encoding that pops up in the error list when I try to 'Apply Changes'


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