Can I stop Rider making fields private by default?

Hey guys!

I'm working with Unity DOTS, and when I create my componets, they are just data.
So, I'd like fields in them to be public. I usually enter the field type, name, and then, when I add a semicolon, Rider will automatically make this field private. I have to go back and fix that.

Is there a way I can switch off that behaviour?
Or better -- let the rider know that this or that should be public. E.g. if my field's name starts with Upper case, then it's public, if lowercase - then it's private? 

Thank you!

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Hello Pavel,

Default modifier settings are completed per settings in Preferences | Editor | Code Style | C# | Syntax Style | Modifiers. Rider suggests using private or internal modifiers by default, you can find more information here. There are no such peculiar settings for public/private based on casing, but feel free to create a new feature request on our public tracker.


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