Files automatically added to Elements to skip in Analysis

Hi all,

I'm using Rider 2021.1.3 with Unity 2020.3, source control using Perforce.

I noticed that despite the full solution analysis being active, .cs files are very frequently added to the "Elements to Skip" list (like, every few minutes!), making them invisible from solution-wide searches and turning off the color codes for the file.

I need to manually remove them from the skip list, which is now starting to get pretty old after a couple weeks of doing that 10+ times a day.

Files added are always C# source files, they're obviously not in the file masks filter, and it's generally the files I'm working on / files related to whatever has been recently loaded in Unity (I guess there's a connection there).

Any idea about what could cause that? Or a way I could debug what triggers the addition using some logs or console?

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Hello Fab,

Does it happen with only one solution? The next time such issue happens, please collect the logs via Help | Collect Logs and send them to us with a new issue on tracker so we could get a bit more information on why it happens. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Olga,

Issue RIDER-67913 created with logs.



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