Start and Stop Debugging From Terminal in Rider

I have a bash script that will automate the tasks needed to stop new development on a task and start troubleshooting on a new bug that comes in.  It stashes my current work in git, copies down the environment db to my local and pulls down the latest branch from git.  The only thing it doesn't do is stop and start debugging in Rider, to pick up the new code changes.  Is there a command I can run from the integrated terminal in Rider to stop and start debugging for a given project in .Net (Core)?

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Hello Rob! 

Unfortunately, this is not possible. This is indeed a good idea for a tool and I believe the best way for implementing it would be to develop a plugin.

There are a lot of articles and tutorials about how to develop IntelliJ plugins:
- Rider sample plugin
- An article about Rider Frontend plugin development;
- Creating Your First Plugin.

Here is a link to the Rider plugin collection. Feel free to ask any questions. Have a great day!


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