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I'm using Rider on evaluation period, in order to decide whether to switch from VS. I love the overall feel of Rider and the extra features of ReSharper.
However I have 2 issues which make daily usage of Rider rather problematic, to say the least.

First, as in the title - when I run debugger from docker compose configuration I get this issue where some variable will inevitably show the error:

the name 'name' does not exist in the current context

This will affect only some of the variables, but I don't see any pattern which ones. This of course makes any debugging rather tedious.

Second issue is that whenever I make some changes in the code and then rerun docker compose build, the changes I've made in the code are not incorporated in the code/build that is run and debugged.
I'll add that I'm running Rider on Windows 10.

I feel like the second issue should be resolved by tweaking the build configuration, while first one sounds more like a bug, but maybe there is some workaround for this?

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Hi Karol

Thank you for contacting us. The first issue could be a known one. However, we would appreciate a code sample where you noticed this error.  You can add it here or directly to the issue comments. Do you have the same issue if you debug your project locally? 

As to the second question, we already have the following feature request: RIDER-65200. Feel free to follow it and upvote.



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