No edited line indicator in Rider for Unreal Engine.

In Visual Studio, a little yellow or green line appears on the left of edited lines depending on if they're saved or not. This is a useful feature to have because it helps users easily navigate to lines that they recently edited if they want to change something. I'm not sure if this is a feature in other versions of Rider, but it does not appear to be a feature in Rider for Unreal Engine. Am I missing something in the settings, or has JetBrains not added this feature yet?



There are no such markers on a gutter in Rider, unless the version control system (example: Git) is enabled.

Once you enable the VCS you will see the markers you mentioned. Actually, the logic of their color changes depends on commits, but not on file save.

However, you can review and restore any code changes without connection to VCS. There is a separate feature in Rider called "Local History".

You can access this window by right-clicking on any file in solution explorer (action - Show Local History).

Please let me know if it does not suit you.


Show Local History does not work as expected with files with specific extension (ie .ASP). Will be useful if Rider applies this track for all files beign edited or modified.



I already saw that by configuring the extension (in this case *.asp) of the file you are editing in the File Types group or section, it allows the tracking of changes.

Thank you for pointing out this issue. I've filed a ticket on our bug tracker: Please upvote it to subscribe for updates. I hope it will be fixed soon. If you noticed Local History does not work for some other extensions, please let us know.

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