Parameters in Dapper reported as errors in JetBrains Rider

I'm just getting used to using Rider full time (long time VS user). I've got warnings and errors set the way I like except for one last issue.

I use Dapper and have something like the following:

connection.Execute("DELETE FROM RACBoardProfile WHERE Id = @Id", new { profile.Id }, transaction);

Rider reports @acronym as an error. acronym is a parameter to the function and is passed into the SQL with the Dapper syntax of providing parameters at the end of the function call. I know it appears as a SQL INJECTION error, but this is obviously valid in Dapper. Even though all of these are reported as errors when viewing the file, it does not show any errors in the solution-wide analysis indicator at the bottom right of the status bar. That shows a green circle with a check. The project builds and works just fine. It is just disconcerting to open a file and see 119 errors!

I'm not sure how to target this inspection. I've been through settings, but it gets pretty deep in there. :) I haven't found the magic one yet.

Thanks for any help!

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Hello, it looks like you have faced a known issue: RIDER-24528, it is already fixed now, the fix should be included in the nearest Rider 21.3 EAP, could you please check it once it is released and let me know how it goes?


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