No coverage on MacOSX with rider

I'm unable to get Unit Tests Coverage to show anything but 0%.

I'm using Rider, on OSX.  I've ensured that all the projects target the same .framework (netcoreapp3.1).  I've tried nightly, and release.  I've triple-checked my input filters, ensured that PDBs are generated (and verified their existence), wiped all my rider settings.  I've made sure the dotCover plugin is present and enabled.

Nothing works.

Anyone had this kind of issue and successfully resolved it?

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In order to take a closer look at the issue, we will need some additional information. Please do the following:
- Navigate to `Help | Diagnostic tools | Choose Trace Scenarios` and enable Trace scenario for dotCover*;
- Reproduce the issue, collect the full log bundle via `Help | Collect logs`, disable Trace scenarios;
- Attach the resulting log bundle to this ticket for further investigation.

Thank you in advance!


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