How do I create project scope file templates and share?

Hi, as the post title suggests, what I am trying to do should be very easy. 

I read the File Template instruction. It did mention the option of project scope templates but did not show how. There are no way to specify a template's scope when I create it.

In the instruction, I see the where the templates are saved so I figured I create some templates, find it and put it under the project scope template path.

Well, those directories do not exists. I cannot find any file or folder named fileTemplates under the suggested paths. I also checked synced folders (jba_config under AppData). 

Then I read the setting layer  and found my custom template here, but have no idea what to do about it. Do I copy this line and ask my colleges to paste it into their settings just to share it? 

Please help an upset coder. It really should not be this hard. Thanks.

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version is 2021.2.1

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Hello, the page you linked describes workflow for other languages templates Preferences | Editor | File Templates | Other Languages, is it what you try to create or you would like to have cs template?


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