Code Completion stops working in Immediate Window and Breakpoints

Suddenly, it's stops working and I have no idea why it happened. Using Rider in Unity, both in 2020 LTS and new 2021.2 beta. Half a year everything works fine... up to this moment.

Here, code completion works nice and I'm on stop at the moment. Test code to check records.

But virtually NOTHING works here:

Nothing works here also:

Also, immediate window doesn't see anything in suggestions (ctrl+space popup window says "No suggestions"), plus, it doesn't see any usings that are not defined in current file:

I'm searching all the settings, but can't find anything that should return code completion back in debug windows. Pls, help me :c 

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What is your Rider version?

In order to take a closer look at the issue, we will need some additional information. Please do the following:
- Navigate to `Help | Diagnostic tools | Choose Trace Scenarios` and enable Trace scenario for "Debugger";
- Reproduce the issue, collect the full log bundle via `Help | Collect logs`, disable Trace scenarios;
- Attach the resulting log bundle to a new support ticket for further investigation.





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