Hide files in JetBrains Rider.

So i created a new project and added a nuget package (Monogame.Extended) and suddenly i see a lot of files in my project tree:

That i dont need, like dlls and things like that. These files dont exist in the project folder, if i click "show in explorer" it takes me to this path:


How can i hide this files? I cant exclude them, rider says that they are part of the project. This is very annoying because this files are not shown on VisualStudio Community.

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Hi Staylluc

Thank you for contacting us. It seems like an issue with Monogame.Extended 3.8.0. I double-checked with VS and the issue doesn't reproduce only with an old 3.7.9 version. Please, report it to the NuGet developers. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. 

Have a nice day! 


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