SCSS compilition generates whitespace and breaks class name

I just switched to Rider from Visual Studio 2019 and opened a project that I've been working on where I use a grid system called avalanche:colourgarden/avalanche: Superclean, powerful, responsive, Sass-based, BEM-syntax CSS grid system (

When I compile this library with File Watcher and SASS the generated CSS file is compiled without any issues BUT the generated media querys inside the generated CSS has whitespace between the grid size number which makes the class names wrong and in the end unusable.

When I do the same in Visual Studio I use Web Compiler (extension) and it does NOT generate white space.

Has anyone experienced this or has anyone a solution to this?

Right now I can't use Rider with this specific project which is a bummer :(

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This is the issue with SASS compiler itself, not with Rider - it's not the IDE that compiles your files

According to, this should be fixed in Avalanche v1.3.1 by changing to attribute selectors rather than simple classes.


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