Create a Rider Theme: do I need IntelliJ ?


I recently acquired a Dasung Paperlike 253 display, that is, a 25.3" E-Ink screen. I wish to create a theme for Rider for this, something like this. Browsing the docs, it seems I need IntelliJ to do this. Is this correct? This also means there is no documentation just for Rider themes, and how to make and test and deploy them? Can I not develop a small Rider theme plugin from within Rider?

Would be great to have a theme for E-Ink!

Greets, Menno

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Hello Menno,

There are several articles and tutorials on how to develop IntelliJ plugins:
Rider sample plugin
An article about Rider Frontend plugin development
Creating Your First Plugin
Here is a link to the plugins collection.

You may also find helpful the following information: 

Blog post about creating custom themes for intellij platforms
Tutorial on custom ui themes
Code sample on theme basics 
PS: to make a schema to be compatible with Rider you need to add <depends>com.intellij.modules.platform</depends> into plugin.xml/idea-plugin. Moreover, we have a slack channel #rider-pluginwriters where our plugin writers can ask Rider/R#/IJ developers. Just let me know if you want to be added there.


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