Is there a way re-dock the floating window of 'commit side-by-side'?


Generally, When I click one item on VCS commit view. It opens side-by-side view on editor tab area.
But, When I drag-out it from there. It changes to floating window.

The problem is here.
I have no clue that how to re-dock into tab.

The floating window doesn't have any tab. So that, I cannot re-dock into original place.

Is there a way re-dock the floating window into editor tab?


Best regards,

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Hello Rho
Please use "Show diff in Editor tab" option. It can be found under Gear icon in the Diff window

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Thank goodness for this question. I was loosing my mind!

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I couldn't fix this by Ruslan's answer, open preferences, go to "Versioning Control > Commit" and make sure "Use non-modal commit interface" is checked.


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