Rider - XML files are not being included when opening a Vsiual Studio Solution

Well since it seems that JetBrains support is non-existent (two tickets that have been ignored for 4 days), I will try to get some answers here.

I have a large Visual Studio project. We have a custom extensions for our XML files (.HCG). There are thousands of these files in our project. However, they are not shown in the Explorer in Rider unless you click on "Show all files". I've been spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to have these files to be shown and indexed. I notice that other files are not being shown either.

How do I force Rider to show/index all of these files? It seems like there should be an easy way to tell Rider to include all files of a certain extension. It also seems strange that Rider wouldn't just show all of the files that Visual Studio shows.

I really would like to be able to purchase/use Rider but this issue plus the apparent lack of support has got me wondering if I should even consider it.


Thank you,



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