Getting started with Rider and Unity


I'm following a course about Unity. Of course the instructor says to use microsoft visual code but of course I'd prefer to use JetBrains' products which I'm used to and love.

I've followed the very short indications here:

I have the green "connected" checkbox, but no completion or proper syntax coloring. What am I doing wrong?

I'm using Ubuntu and the latest version of Rider and Unity I downloaded two days ago.

Thanks in advance



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I checked this:

I have "mono-devel" installed (Unity is working) but not .net (msbuild version field says "not found").


is .net mandatory to use Rider with Unity?

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Greg, hello again! 

First, could you please check that there is no OFF sign in the top right of the editor tab? If it is there, try to switch highlighting from `None` to `All problems`. 



If this is not the case, please, add a screenshot of the full Rider window, including the editor tab and assets explorer. 

Also, you need to install .net - one can do it directly from Rider in `File | Settings | Environment`. 

Thank you in advance! 


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Thanks for your answer.

It seems Rider is connected to Unity (I see Unity's log in Rider), but I don't understand why there's "This file does not belong to the project" in the right pane (I opened the .cs files by double-clicking in the Project pane):


So dotnet is mandatory? I'd prefer not to install such stuff on my work computer is it's not mandatory.


BTW is there a way to change the color of the file title tabs? these two dark browns are very similar


Thanks in advance

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Hi Greg! 

I see that your project unloaded, so it could not be resolved and builder. If your project is on .net core, you have to install .net core SDK. If there is a .net framework project, please let me know. We'll need some logs to check. 

Tab color you can change in `Preferences | Editor | Color Scheme | General | Editor | Tabs`. 


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