Publish Blazor Hosted Not working

HI all,

Having hard tim to use Rider to publish Blazor Wasm Hosted application to any destination..


WasmApp.targets(161, 5): Could not find %(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)=

It does work in VS 2022..

Please help



There is not any fix for this ? It's very bad when i cannot publish the project.. :(


Hi Multileech

Could you please share some additional information with us: 

- what is your Rider version? 

- is it .net 5 project? 

- do you have .net 6 installed? 

- please attach a screenshot of your `File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolset and Build`. 

Thank you in advance! 


I'm having the same issue when trying to publish to a local folder, clicking on the error opens `WasmApp.targets` at this piece of XML:

<Target Name="_InitializeCommonProperties">
<Error Condition="'$(MicrosoftNetCoreAppRuntimePackDir)' == '' and ('%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)' == '' or !Exists(%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)))"
Text="Could not find %25(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)=%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)" />

Here's a picture of that section as you asked:



Wit EAP its still the same issue. Funny thing is, works with dotnet publish command from terminal..


Hello everyone! 

Thank you for the details and for creating the issue.

Could you please add there your logs from `Help | Collect logs` and a screenshot of your publish configuration? Please note that if you want to use "browser-wasm" as a target runtime it has not been supported yet: RIDER-63220.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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