Publish Blazor Hosted Not working

HI all,

Having hard tim to use Rider to publish Blazor Wasm Hosted application to any destination..


WasmApp.targets(161, 5): Could not find %(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)=

It does work in VS 2022..

Please help


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Hi Multileech

Could you please share some additional information with us: 

- what is your Rider version? 

- is it .net 5 project? 

- do you have .net 6 installed? 

- please attach a screenshot of your `File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolset and Build`. 

Thank you in advance! 

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Hello everyone! 

Thank you for the details and for creating the issue.

Could you please add there your logs from `Help | Collect logs` and a screenshot of your publish configuration? Please note that if you want to use "browser-wasm" as a target runtime it has not been supported yet: RIDER-63220.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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There is not any fix for this ? It's very bad when i cannot publish the project.. :(

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I'm having the same issue when trying to publish to a local folder, clicking on the error opens `WasmApp.targets` at this piece of XML:

<Target Name="_InitializeCommonProperties">
<Error Condition="'$(MicrosoftNetCoreAppRuntimePackDir)' == '' and ('%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)' == '' or !Exists(%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)))"
Text="Could not find %25(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)=%(ResolvedRuntimePack.PackageDirectory)" />

Here's a picture of that section as you asked:


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Wit EAP its still the same issue. Funny thing is, works with dotnet publish command from terminal..


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