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I have a project with a custom post build step that performs some check. My problem is that when that script fails, I cannot see the build log. While Rider is building, I see the same kind of log as I would see in Visual Studio. Is also see the error message (on stdout) from my script. But when the build is done, the log output disappears and is replaced by a window showing only the warnings and errors which only shows that the post-build step failed.

There is a button on the left which says "open log file". When I click it, nothing happens.

The build parameters do have logging enabled:

I didn't use to have this issue. I used to be able to see the "minimal" output. That windows stayed there when the build finished. But now when the build finishes, it disappears (there's no other tab in the build section besides the "Rebuild failed" tab).

I used to be able to click the "Open log file" button and get the log in an editor window. Now it doesn't work anymore.

Any thoughts on how to fix both these issues?

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Hello Mark,
Thank you for your question.
Try disabling `Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolset and Build | Presentation` -> `Tool Window: switch to tree view after build events were reported`.
Also, you can switch to the standard log view via the button on the Build tool window tool bar (a screenshot attached).

Hope this can help.




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