Help Running/Debugging Blazor Server (Dotnet 6) Application with Rider & IIS Express

I'm having a lot of trouble running/deploying a Blazor Server project with Rider and IIS Express, since upgrading the project to dotnet 6.

The project builds successfuly, but throws constant http errors or simply appears to hang after launching IIS Express. It should also be mentioned that the project runs completely successfully when running through VS2022

I have tried everything I've found online so far including: changing web.config, changing the launch settings, changing to 'OutOfProcess', changing the ports etc. But to no avail. :-/

If anyone has any recommendations on things to try, or has had any success deploying/debugging such an application locally with Rider and IIS Express then I'd appreciate a comment. :) 

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Could you please share the following information:

- .csproj file of the related project
- launchSettings.json (if any)
- Web.config (if any)
- .idea/config/applicationhost.config and .vs/config/applicationhost.config
- a screenshot of http error you get
- all Rider logs collected after reproducing this issue (Help | Collect Logs).

You can upload all the data via and let me know uploads ID, or you can submit a new support request via `Help | Contact Support`.

Thank you in advance.




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