Rider with VS interface

Using VS with Unity and it comes with some issues. There may be 50 other devs at my work and I am likely the last one using VS. 

I did give it a try a while ago but searching for those actions I am so used to in VS is frustrating.

I understand it is possible to remap the shortcut to fit the VS shortcut but is there any way the interface could be also "reskinned" to match the VS way? I am mostly thinking of the right click functionalities from VS that I am abusing and struggle to find in Rider without some trial and error or Google.


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Hi Fafase

I'm not sure this is possible. You can use VS-looking themes and literally anything could be found with Search actions/Search everywhere (double Shift/ Ctrl+Shift+A) and Alt+Enter.  You can find some more about this here. Maybe you could share what exactly functionality do you miss? 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 



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