Cannot debug .Net Core backend using IIS Express

I am trying to debug a .Net Core application using IIS Express and anytime I go to run the debugger I get an error that says "one or more errors occurred" with no details as to what the error is. This only happens if I leave "Send debug request" unchecked in the configuration settings. If I do check this option, I am able to start the debugger but I then get the error "Cannot send debug request, invalid applicationUrl check your settings". In this case my launchSettings.json file shows the applicationUrl I would like to use and, in the console, I see that URL is being used to run IIS Express. I am not sure what to do in this case, do I leave "send debug request" unchecked and if so, how do I deal with the "one or more errors occurred" message? Otherwise, how do I deal with the debug request not being sent if I do check that box??


debug configuration settings:

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Hi Dylan Davenport

Sorry for the delay. Disable "Send debug request" is the right way to solve the "Cannot send debug request" error. This is a known issue. As to the other error messages, please, do the following: 

- update Rider to the latest 2021.3 version and check if the issue is still there 

- create a new issue with logs attached via `Help | Report a bug`. Attach any useful screenshots from the case. 

Thank you in advance! 


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