Is there a way to remove named arguments from suggestions (autocomplete)?


Hello everyone,

I'm not using them at all, so it's kind of annoying. Is there any way to remove them from a list or decrease their priority? Thanks in advance!


Hi. I'm also having this issue, in fact I posted in this forum about this just a day ago.

Since we both seem to be having the same issue, I made a ticket for it on the support site:


Hi everyone! 

Thank you for posting the issue. We'll process it soon. 



This has also bugged me for a long time now. For example forwarding a cancellationToken is a huge annoyance.

But this youtrack issue seems quite old now.
Any progress on this?


Hi Hans Olav Loftum

This issue has been processed, but not scheduled yet, unfortunately. Could you please upvote it and also add on what version of Rider you have this problem? Thank you in advance. 


Sure. Done.
I am using Rider 2022.3.2

(Build #RD-223.8617.53, built on January 25, 2023)


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