Multiple warnings on single line can't be removed inline

Small issue. Here's a line of code. It warns about potential rounding issue. I say no big deal and disable the warning inline.

// ReSharper disable once CompareOfFloatsByEqualityOperator
var useSoundTouch = UseSoundTouch || speed != 1.0 || rate != 1.0 || pitch != 1.0;

This will only disable the first of 3 warnings, and inserting that comment 3 times won't help. Thus my only option is to disable it at the method level.

That's not an ideal behavior. Not a deal-breaker either (I'll survive).

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Hi Etienne Charland

Thank you for reporting. 

We already have a feature request about this: RIDER-477527. It is shelved for now, but feel free to bring new attention to this case. 

Should you have any other questions, let us know. 

Have a nice day! 

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In the meantime you can use disable/restore option, it's just one more line ;)


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