Rider hangs when searching with CTRL+ T

It often appears that Riders completely hangs when I press CTRL + T and start type. It does not react and I have to shut down through the task manager. However, if I have any unsaved work, that's lost.

Just wanted to report that bug.


Hi Tabaloa

What Rider version do you use? If you have the same issue on the latest EAP, could you please collect use `Help | Report a bug` with the following information: 

- Rider logs, can be attached automatically when reporting a bug;
- Backend snapshot
- Frontend snapshot 

Attach the information to your ticket for further investigation or share it via https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ form.

Thank you in advance! 


Hi Alexandra,


I use the latest version I guess, it's 2021.2.2 Build #RD-212.5284.64, October 8, 2021.

Collecting logs for it will be a little tricky as it happens after some time, but I will let the profiler run a while.

As soon as I got the data, I will create a report. 



thank you! 
You can collect some of them right after it happens again. 



Unfortunately, "reporting a bug" via Rider doesn't do anything after preparing the logs. I expected a popup to be shown or something where I can enter a description but nothing happens.


Or is the bug report automatically created somehow?



A new browser tab should open after preparing logs. You can report everything manually and we also check if there is something about it in the logs. 

Thank you! 


The issue is created, thanks!


I assume the problem is a heap memory problem because Jetbrains Rider is about 4GB Ram when this happens. Sometimes this happens earlier but my system is running at the edge! It's not an old laptop, but a lot of stuffing (web client, web server, docker services, etc)


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