Wrong project creation


since the last update, Rider creates the projects with the wrong structure. It assumes that C# 9 features are enabled and creates the one-liner Program.cs file instead of the usual Program class with the "static void main" function.

This happens with netcore3.1 apps as well as with net5 apps. As far as I know, C# 9 requires net6 though. Maybe that's just a setting somewhere (but I can't find it)? 


Hi Tabaloa

The one-line templates should be used only for .net6 projects. 

Could you please add some more details of your case? Do you create a console application? What SDK is selected? What is your Rider version? Please, add some screenshots if possible. Thank you in advance! 


Hi Alexandra,


sure. I try to create a console application. I made a simple video of the project creation. The Id of the file should be: 2021_12_07_5gFPXBxorSS5s8dS

The current Rider version I'm using is 2021.2.2, built on Cctober 8, 2021.

Build number is RD-212.5284.64.



Edit: Looks like Windows 10 does not capture popups, etc. Guess I need to do some research for a better screencast program and re-capture my actions.


Edit2: Done. The id of the new video is: 2021_12_07_2PkVH6dSqFaRxfRK


Hi Tabaloa

Thank you for the video and updates. Could you please check how it works in the newly released 2021.3? 



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