Rider and Continuous Testing

It appears there is no way to remove tests from running when continuous testing is turned on.  In VS, we annotate the tests with


and the live testing will skip those tests.  We have some tests that are very slow that exercise a wider part of the system than just units, so we would like to exclude those tests from the live testing.  Is there a way to do this currently?


Hello James,

Continuous testing is based on unit test sessions. You can add\remove any test from any test session. For example, create a "Continuous testing" session with only the required tests and enable continuous testing only in this session. 

Documentation references for your convenience:

Let me know if there are any additional questions.


Ah!  Thank you for that.  That is great!  I hadn't put 2 and 2 together and realized that the button was on the session page.


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