Thread Dump Collection problem

I had that error on startup- should I care?  Failed to dump the thread for PID 22956  for 30 seconds. 



What Rider version do you use? Did you start collecting any dumps before? Do you have any performance issues while working? 

Thank you in advance for the answers.  



Just installed- latest version. It just keeps showing this message. It took ages for Autocomplete to start operating. 


Cloa513ch, thank you for the details! 

Could you please collect the following: 

Collect everything that is possible, upload files to and share the ID. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


I just made the switch over from VS to Rider and I am experiencing this as well.

The background tasks are constantly filled with "Creating backend thread dumps..." and it seems to be tanking performance. It is severely effecting productivity and I'm sadly considering switching back.

Are there any updates on this issue or any additional info I could provide?


Hello there,

The process of taking a backend thread dump should not take for so long.

Could you please collect and share all the logs (Help | Collect Logs) at the moment when you see this process hanging?

Also having a backend snapshot might be useful:

  1. Call the action "Help | Diagnostic tools | Profile Backend with Sampling",
  2. Wait until Attaching to profiler process finishes (a progress bar in the bottom status bar will indicate about it and you will see that Profiling is in progress).
  3. Perform the actions leading to high CPU usage.
  4. Wait for a minute and then stop profiling with the action "Help | Diagnostic tools | Backend: stop profiling".
  5. In the bottom right corner you will see a notification popup that a snapshot has been captured and a link to the snapshot file. Collect this snapshot.

It is convenient to use to share large files with us.

Sorry for the long wait.


Any news how to fix this? I can not use rider at all because every time, I am getting this error message and the Cache processing will not stop even after 20 minutes.



This is also an issue for me that has started appearing in the last few days

This makes opening a new Rider instance tank the computer's performance for 5~ minutes and is a big issue

Please advise on how to fix this, thanks


I'm not sure what's changed in the last few days, but the issue is no longer occurring.


For me the fix was to just open a different solution and then retry the previous solution and the problem did not occur and managed to move on.


I've been having issues with "thread dump collection problem" since one of the last EAP versions of rider 2021.3 (I think EAP9 was ok and EAP10 showed the issue, but I am not completely sure since I've moved on to the newer version now). The new versions of rider, included the 2022.1 EAP 1 that I am testing now is showing the issue. But here comes the strange things... I am using two PC and the problem occurs only on the older one.

I however confirm that BENEDDN solution works. when I start rider and I open a first solution, this usually causes a loop of "thread dump collection problem", but if I open a second solution in a new window, this new solution loads without issues and I can then close and re-open the first solution and this will just work fine.

I suspect the issue is not with the thread dump itself, but something happening at start time that takes a huge time and forces rider to think that it has to take thread dump snapshots. Rider being pretty slow at start-time is actually an issue I've had for quite a long time now, with rider usually stuck on "synchronizing files", so I suspect this thread dump issue could just be a consequence of that


Hi there,

Still no logs from you. Please feel free to open an issue on YouTrack and attach log bundle to it.





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