Git toolbar text no longer containing branch name


I am wondering how I am able to enable so that I can see which "branch" is currently being worked on without opening the "GIT" "commit" / tab.
In previous versions prior to 2021.3 the "GIT" tab was being shown by the branch name instead which was super helpful. However, now it is just displaying "GIT" and I am unable to find out how to swap it back to the other option.
And if it is not possible I would want this added back as option, because it was so much better that way.


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This is my toolbar:In the newest version the branch information moved there. You can toggle this using View -> Appearance -> Toolbar

If you switch to Classic Toolbar, you can see it in the status line

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Hi there,

Sascha Andres is right.

I only want to add that to switch to classic toolbar, use menu "View > Appearance > Toolbar Classic". To enable status bar, use "View > Appearance > Status Bar".




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Hey again,

Thanks - I guess I am just too used to look in my bottom right corner at the "GIT" tab and not the new "toolbar" which now contains this information instead.

I guess that complements the missing "branch" name on "GIT".


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So what can I do to get the branch button back in the lower right? Like, what UX expert is sitting there and going "let's completely re-arrange the UI and hope people don't care?"

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Hi  Davidrickey

Thank you for your feedback! We have a feature request for improvements: RIDER-70907.

As a workaround, one can switch back to the Classic toolbar: 


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