SourceLink fails on Interfaces and Enums

We have several projects in our company. And there are several libs we provide for our projects, to share functionality.

I added SourceLink functionality to the libs and put the pdb files in the nuget packages.


Now I am in Project A which consumes Lib B. When I navigation to source of class from Lib B everything is fine. Rider can resolve the right URL to the Source repository and download it. Even if the class Name do not match the cs-Filename. But this won't work for Interfaces and Enums in this case the Folder is determined correctly but it always want to open <InterfaceName>.cs. which isn't the correct cs-FileName.

So why does it work fine on Classes but not on Interfaces ?!?

Is there anything wrong with my configuration or is it a Bug in Rider ?

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Official comment

I assume your interface is defined right in Class.cs file, right? Please let me know if not. Seems like you encountered a known issue.
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Yes, you're right.

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We hope to fix it in future releases.

If you have any other questions or difficulties in the future, do not hesitate to contact support.
Have a great day!


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