File watcher for sass not updating the css file after the first time


I have added a file watcher for scss files using sass. The first time I save changes to any of the scss files, the css file still does not exist, it works fine, but after that, the changes I make to scss files are not reflected in the css. If I delete the css file manually and save changes it will generate the css file with the new changes. It looks like it does not override the file once is created? 

This is my configuration 


When I check the output this is the command that is executed (every time with the same output whether it is the first time or not) 

If I open the terminal, go to the sccs folder and run that same command myself it works as expected. 








Solved it already. I guess I did not understand the whole thing. Just leaving the Output paths to refresh empty did the trick. 


Just leaving the Output paths to refresh empty did the trick. 

Yeah. This is the only thing that fixed it for me.


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