Unreal Engine source files are excluded from color coding

Hello, im trying to find what configuration i need to check to solve this problem.

Im using Rider for Unreal, all my game classes are perfectly colored and i can use the shortcuts to jump to a definition of a method or struct.

But when i open an engine class its not colored and i cant use the shorctus (Ctrl + click) to functions defenitions.

Its like rider is only caring about my game project classes and not about the engine classes.

My monster spawner class

Unreal engine Actor class


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Hello Demianlopez1,

Could you please share the screenshot of the entire IDE window with an Unreal Engine class open in the editor (Actor or any other class) and share the message in the error indicator located in the top right (see the example below)?


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Hello, thanks for the response, here it is.

Says that is disabled for that project, how can i enable it?


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